We have designed our academic programs by aesthetically modifying the traditional Nizami syllabus which has been followed by Islamic colleges and Universities across India for centuries. The Nizami syllabus which attached more importance to traditional Islamic theoretical studies was the brainchild of a renowned Indian Islamic scholar in the 12th century Mulla Nizamuddin.


Course Name: Alima.

  1. Primary section 

Three years program

(Swaliha, Alima, Kamila)

Course Description: We have specially designed this course for the students of this locality, to make them aware of foundation level, basic, Islamic ideology. The program prescribes 3 years basic education in Islamic theology along with school subjects. Through the primary level education we make sure all students are able to read and write in four languages like Arabic, Urdu, Farsi and English, along with the extensive reading of the Holy Quran. This course ushers the students to understand better at advanced level lectures in higher classes. 


  1. Junior section 

Three years program

(Edadiya, Oola, Saniya)

Course Description: This is the second level of our program here we provide guidance about various agendas like the Islamic aqeedah, fiqah, Hadees and Quran. During these classes students develop their skills in Spoken Arabic and English. Also they complete the recitation of more than half of the Holy Quran. After the successful completion of this program students will be able to develop their ideas in different languages.


  1. Senior Section 

Three years program

(Salisa, Rabiya, Khamisa)

Course Description: Here students start studying and understanding Tafseer-ul-Quran and Hadees Shareef , they will also be mastering the Manthiq and Ma’ani. Along with the modern pedagogical and educational requirements, was brought in by giving priority to Islamic education with secular studies, by introducing government-approved courses in a range of academic disciplines such as commerce and humanities. 


 4. Super Senior Section 

   Three years program

(Sadisa, Takhassus, Teacher Training Course)

Course Description: Along with advanced Nizami curriculum we have made it mandatory for the graduates of any of its program to complete a Bachelor’s Degree recognized by the Government of UP. The certificate of the graduates will not be issued until they produce their Bachelor’s certificate from any UGC-approved university.




PG programs are offered on the mode of Choice Based Credit Semester System (CBCSS) which has several unique features such as enhanced learning opportunities, ability to match student’s scholastic needs and aspirations, improvement in educational quality and excellence, and flexibility for students to complete the program over an extended period of time etc.




After PG, the students have to submit a dissertation in not less than 100 pages…


Arabic and Urdu Diplomas


During the course, students can also complete a two-year functional Arabic and Urdu course…


Computer Diploma 


We provide Government recognized Computer training facilities to the students, which will be useful for their future career.


Co-curricular Activities


Various educational and intellectual sessions and cultural programs are organized at campus.


Work Shops


Workshops are conducted under GFTI for the different sections – teachers, managements, principals, students’ union leaders…





Computer lab

Reading corner 

Training Halls 

Practicing area


Soft Skills Academy 


Our primal focus is on “Effective” – Communication and Leadership skills with a “learning by doing” methodology. To get Certified as Competent Communicators and Competent Leaders where almost all skills are covered under this single domain.


Computer Training Centre 


As part of the course we are giving basic and advanced training in computer education.


 Also we provide Government recognized programs of National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) and National Institute of Electrics and Information technology (NIELIT).  These kinds of certificate and Diploma programs will help students to achieve both theoretical and practical knowledge of Computer and Information Technology. Here we make sure that our students are competent enough to serve the community. This further enables them to acquire jobs in Government sector, as it is recognized by UGC.





1- IT Tools and Business system. 


2- Internet Technology and web Designing. 


3- Financial Accounting using Tally &Personality Development.


4- Introduction to ICT Resources 


5- Multilingual DTP. 


6-Programming and problem solving by the usage of  ‘C’ Language.


Fatima Junior High School (English Medium)


Approved by UP state board of education


As a part of Gulshan-E-Fatima Educational And Developmental works for local residents, we are running this Junior High School for last 8 years. Around 300 students are studying from 1st to 8th class. We are committed to provide better quality education by appointing quality teachers and continuous teachers’ training. Our special educators are scaffolding students to achieve their goals in life.


Pre-primary section


Our primary education system is specially developed by educational experts from Kerala. Here we are molding a generation, nurturing students’ talents from a very tender age, so that by their teens they become masters in their extra-curricular skills.


Tailoring and Embroidery Training


We provide Tailoring and embroidery training for senior students as part of co-curricular activities. We believe a perfect lady has to be creative in all ways possible. This will develop the creativity of students. Many of students are showing their potentials in different art activities. Tailoring is not only the development of a hobby or household job, but tailoring empowers women to be creative, independent, business minded as well.