Levels Of Class Categorization at GFTI:

  1. Swaliha
  2. Amila
  3. Kamila
  4. Edadiya
  5. Oola
  6. Saniya
  7. Salisa
  8. Rabiya
  9. Khamisa
  10. Sadisa
  11. Takhassus
  12. Teacher Training Course

Admissions for Residential Students only allowed from Class 4, Edadiya level onwards.


  1. The student should have successfully completed 5 years of English medium education from a recognized and affiliated school.
  2. The student should have reading and writing skills in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi & English.
  3. Levels Swaliha to Kamila, i.e Classes 1-3 admissions are only restricted to residential students. Age eligibility stands as 10-12 years of age as of 1st

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